Fresh Ricotta

Lioni's fresh Ricotta is produced the "old-fashioned" way. It is hand dipped and scooped in order to preserve the texture and allow for a truly premium, chunky-style Ricotta.

Its light, delicate, moist consistency makes it the perfect accompaniment to any traditional baked dish.

Plastic Tub

Available in a 3 lb. tub.

Ricotta Tin

Available in 1 1/2 lb. and 3 lb. tins.

Pastry Ricotta

Available in a 10 lb. Pastry bag.

Fresh Basket Cheese

Our fresh basket cheese has a subtle flavor and can be served alone. It is traditionally enjoyed in a Pizza Rustica or simply sliced and served on freshly baked bread.

Available in a 1 1/2 lb. basket.